Beef /Pork bones

Large shin bones,simmered gently for hours in delicious gravy to extract the   real taste of “meat on the bone”, one of our best sellers.


Beef tripe prepared the old-fashioned way.


Chicken Stew (Roadrunner)

Only free-range Road Runner chickens are used for this flavorsome,traditional Zimbabwean favorite,prepared with a tantalizing sauce.


Beef Stew

Tender pieces of beef in a traditional tomato and onion gravy, gently flavored to accent the beef.


Goat Stew

Locally sourced, free-range goat, browned and gently braised with tomatoes over hours, to produced a strong-flavored,aromatic,tasty traditional stew.


Liver and Kidney

Tender pieces of beef liver and kidney, pan-fried in onion and a hint of tomato. Delicious!.



Guinea Fowl- a local delicacy; there is nothing quite like the rich, slightly gamy,   free-range taste of guinea fowl.



Slow-cooked in a lovely sauce, the meat falls off the bone, the juices   “create” the sauce, a Zimbabwean classic.



Sadza served with our delicious and nutritious side dishes of rape and sugar beans.


All stews are served with sadza, greens and beans. Peanut butter rice can be substituted for an extra $. Zviyo (sorghum sadza) and mhunga (millet sadza) can be substituted for an extra $

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